Industries Served By Mid-State Bolt & Nut

Since 1946, Mid-State Bolt & Nut has become a prominent leader in the fastener industry. In addition to our wide array of nuts, bolts, screws, washers & other fasteners, we supply a high-level of logistical services to our clients in a broad range of markets, successfully lowering their operations costs, meeting their OEM standards & opening their warehousing floors for greater manufacturing capabilities. Learn more about just some of the markets we currently serve!

Fasteners for Commercial Truck & Trailer Companies

Commercial Truck & Trailer

Whether building a semi-trailer or flatbed, you’re going to need fasteners that can withstand the elements and an everyday beating. You get this and more with Mid-State Bolt & Nut! Does your job require additional products for fulfillment? Not a problem. We offer a variety of logistics and warehousing services to meet your needs, lower your overhead costs & minimize the amount of purchase orders you have to handle each month.

Fasteners for Commercial Van Up-Fitting

Commercial Van Up-Fitting

Commercials vans are essentially a toolbox on wheels, so they must be equipped with the proper shelving, racks, storage components & other functional equipment to ensure a job well done. If you’re in the industry of van up-fitting, then we are in the business of supplying you with all the components you need to make a vehicle job-ready.

Garage Door

We can handle all of your material management to make your logistical life that much easier. From wire assemblies and cable drums to the fasteners that hold the whole thing together, we maintain a steady inventory of each product & package it whenever you need it.

Steel Building

For decades, steel building designers have relied on us to supply not just hardware but the full array of components necessary to complete the construction of their buildings. By providing the full spectrum of components, we are able to build and package all items per each job, usually within the same day.

Quality Fasteners for Automotive Manfucturers


We primarily partner with 2nd & 3rd tier automotive component manufacturers. Our extensive supply base of TS16949, both domestic and internationally, allow us to supply automotive components to meet all quality requirements at a competitive price.