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Mid-State Bolt & Nut Company is in the business of providing value to the O.E.M. marketplace through creative service and product offerings, which is why we provide excellent and tailored services to each of our clients. When you partner with Mid-State Bolt & Nut, there are no empty promises, missed deliveries or gaps in your supply chain. You simply get the best, time-tested product and services available. No matter which manufacturing sector you operate within, Mid-State Bolt & Nut is well suited to meet your needs. Get a Quote Today

Services Offered

Mid-State Bolt & Nut offers a variety of logistical services to ensure a complete and excellent fulfillment.experience. We help reduce purchase order confusion, overhead costs, warehousing space and other supply chain management headaches by offering the following services:

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Customer Support & Commitment to Each Client

When you partner with Mid-State Bolt & Nut, you are never forgotten. You may routinely place orders, but you are never just a number to our staff. Continual support ranks as one of our highest priorities. In-house training is on-going to ensure we are always abreast of current technologies. Additionally, expert technical support from many manufacturers in their various fastener product groups is available. Professional associates utilize the latest in technical equipment and systems to track your orders and they are available to assist you on a regular basis. We want to create a foundation for a long-term, true partnership because that is what’s essential for maximum cost-effectiveness and boundless growth.

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